China Cocoa Forum


Chocolate sales in China is keep growing in a relatively high rate in recent years, 

but the average consumption level is still far below that in the world, and there is still a huge room to grow in the future. 

Meanwhile, apparently the consumption of cocoa products upgraded greatly while high-end chocolate consumption is

growing rapidly. More and more oversea grand brands entered into the market 

while domestic brands increased gradually as well. Today the China Cocoa Forum will dive deep into the cocoa and

chocolate industry and to share and explore the development of chocolate industry.




Name: China Cocoa Forum

Time & Venue:


2022. 12.

Shanghai New International Expo Center

Approval:  Shanghai Commercial Committee


VICOFA-Vietnam Coffee-Cocoa Association

WCFO-World Cocoa Farmers Organization

Farm Gate Foundation

European Cocoa Commerce

FCCA- Fine Chocolate & Cocoa Alliance


Size: 10 Speakers, 300 Professional Audience

Concurrent Events:


The Story of Cafe 2019

Chocolate Workshop



1. Bean to bar chocolate Special Talk

   1.1 bean to bar chocolate promotion seminar

   1.2 Bean to bar chocolate global market analysis

   1.3 How to choose quality cocoa

   1.4 Bean to bar chocolate marketing channel analysis based on outstanding real cases. 

2. Future development of high-end chocolate in China market

3. How to break through in the market for local chocolate brands

4. Analysis on global cocoa materials supply chain

5. Handmade chocolate making process





Leaders from premium chocolate companies, famous chocolate experts, 

gather together to explore the situation and development of world chocolate and cocoa market based on real cases, 

to share the latest news and information about the industry and to find out the right way to promote chocolate. 



Speakers, visitors and media partners are all from all over the world especially the cocoa origin countries and regions. 

This forum focus on the local market as well as the global market. 



The topics generally cover all aspects of the chocolate industry from planting to wholesaling. 

You could always find a proper topic related to your business. 

The most popular topics and first-hand information help to attract public's attention and spread rapidly. 


Super strong media support, great media exposure, accurate targeting and distribution

500,000+ SMS to invite professional visitors

30+ e-magazines to activate 1,000,000+targeted visitors

100,000+ phone call to invite key decision makers for purchase

10+ SNS advertising worldwide

600+ press releases

300+ media partners in global


Tremendous Business opportunities

This forum brings together elites from coffee industry in a short time which makes it a great chance 

to grasp potential business opportunities. 



Sponsor's logo

Play the sponsor's video advertisement on the screen, 

display the sponsor's logo on the background board of the forum. 

Brochure bags and gifts

Bochure bags with sponsor's logo will be distributed to all the forum visitors with a brochure and gift. 

Sponsor's special promotion time

Sponsor could do a promotion speech or activity during the time

Sponsored drinking water

All the speakers and audience will be provided with a sponsored drinking water

Promotional brochure & Exhibition Directory

All the sponsors'information will be displayed on the Forum promotional brochure and the Exhibition Directory. 

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